Shisha flavours. Hookah tobacco by Al Fakher, Nakhla, Al Amir, Hookafina, Hookah Freak, Soex.

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Shisha tobacco flavors by Al Fakher, Starbuzz, Nakhla, Fantasia, Nakhla and Fumari

Al-Fakher Shisha Tobacco

Al-Fakher shisha

An Authentic Al Fakher Molasses accessible online throughout the world. We strive to provide the premium quality shisha products. Al Fakher Shisha that is great to mix with other flavors to create a personalized new smoking experience.

Nakhla Shisha Tobacco

Nakhla Shisha

Nakhla Shisha Tobacco is made in Egypt since 1913 by most experienced shisha manufacturer in the market. It comes in many flavours and is one of the most popular molasses in the world. Nakhla is a most popular amongst traditional hookah smokers in the Middle East countries!

Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco

Starbuzz shisha tobacco

Starbuzz shisha offers most quality and tasty shisha flavors for hookah lovers. Starbuzz shisha is real a premium strong-flavored Shisha Tobacco. Made in the U.S.A.

Acid Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco

Acid Starbuzz shisha

Acid Hookah Tobacco carries the same premium taste, smell, and smoking experience that has made Starbuzz Tobacco one of the most recognized brands in the worldwide marketplace.

Hydro Herbal Shisha Tobacco

Hydro shisha tobacco

Hydro Herbal Shisha, a tobacco-free, nicotine-free alternative in hookah smoking. HYDRO Herbal Shisha has achieved a new epiphany in the ever growing phenomenon of the Hookah water pipe culture.

Fantasia Shisha Tobacco

USA made shisha tobacco. Packed carefully in plastic jars.

Fumari Shisha Tobacco

Fumari Shisha tobacco

Fumari Hookah Tobacco is considered as one of the finest shisha tobaccos on the world market. If offers wide variety of flavors and thick smoke, Fumari is best enjoyed with natural style coals. Try Fumari shisha taste - 100g pouches are a great value to help you get to meet this brand.

Halo shisha tobacco

Halo shisha tobacco

Halo shisha molasses offers a strong and flavourful smoke while enjoying flavors only offered in the US market.

Al Amir hookah tobacco

Al Amir shisha tobacco

Al-Amir Flavored Tobacco is considered to be the new and upcoming brand in the market, offering many unique and interesting flavors that other brands do not offer.

Hookafina Blak Shisha

hookahfina Shisha tobacco

Hookafina Blak consists of raw tobacco leaf mixed with dark molasses made from pure sugar cane to produce a full bodied blend of Hookah Tobacco not intended for beginners.

Hookah-Hookah shisha tobacco

Al Amir shisha tobacco

Try the unique Hookah-Hookah Brand shisha tobacco that is definitely witnessing a popularity increase in the hookah smoking sector.

Hookah Freak Shisha

hookahfina Shisha tobacco

The Hookah Freak Shisha is the excellent alternative for passionate smokers who love premium smoking experience.

Tangiers Shisha Tobacco
Tangiers hookah molasses

Tangiers Tobacco is a new USA shisha tobacco blend. This new, completely fresh design in shisha smoking. It is made in the US with US tobacco with no artificial color added.

Tonic Shisha Tobacco

Tonic shisha molasses

One of the modern "European Blend" Shisha Tobacco! New fashion in shisha industry.

Afzal Shisha Tobacco

Afzal Shisha Tobacco

AFZAL Hookah Shisha Tobacco Molasses is a blend of quality Indian tobacco leaves, molasses, and international natural flavors - giving AFZAL Molasses a high quality flavor and taste.

Soex Herbal Shisha Tobacco

Soex Shisha tobacco

The world's first 0% NICOTINE, 0% TAR, and 0% TOBACCO Shisha. Soex Herbal Shisha provides the same flavorful smoke found in other shisha without the harmful effects of tobacco. It is made in India from non-tobacco herbal products and comes in a variety of mouth-watering flavors.

Substances used for smoking hookah need not be completely dry. The most commonly used substance (known as tobamel or maassel) is a 1:2 mixture of tobacco with a sweet substance such as honey, molasses, or semi-dried fruit. Originally tobacco was mixed with one of these sweeteners to form jurak (e.g. Zhaghoul brand), a flavorless, moistened tobacco. Fruit-flavored shisha got its start in the late 1980s when Egyptian tobacco companies experimented with flavored tobacco as a way to transition people away from cigarette smoking. Today, shisha tobacco comes in many flavours, such as apple, strawberry, melon, cappuccino or mint, and is often mixed with dried fruit extracts.

In a hookah, tobamel (maassel) is not directly ignited but is heated to a high temperature using lit coals. These coals rest on a metal mesh or perforated aluminum foil which covers a clay or metal bowl containing the tobacco. When a user inhales through the hose, the coals heat the shisha, producing smoke. The smoke then enters the body of the hookah, passing through a glass receptacle containing water which filters and cools the smoke. The smoker inhales this smoke through a long hose with a mouth piece. This filtration is suggested to filter out, in part, tar and nicotine from the tobacco. However, most brands of shisha tobacco generally contain a mention saying "no tar" and very small amounts of nicotine (0.5%) to begin with.

Due to the mechanics of the hookah, multi-person hookahs exist, where multiple hoses lead to a single tobacco chamber. These are popular in the Western world where hookah smoking is a social phenomenon.

'Shisha' cafes told to be cautious
The General Directorate of the Civil Defence in Abu Dhabi has warned 'shisha smoking' cafes to be more cautious during Ramadan. The directorate issued the warning in a set of guidelines to prevent fires. First Lt. Jamal Abbud Al Jaeidi, Director of Public Relations and Moral Guidance at the Directorate, said they would pay visits to eating places and Ramadan tents in the interest of public safety.
"Shisha establishments, especially in tents, are notorious for causing fires during Ramadan. In view of earlier experiences, in which some casualties were reported, more inspections will be carried out at these places in the interest of public safety," said First Lt. Al Jaeidi.
He said the most dangerous were shisha tobacco smoking cafes set up in Ramadan tents, which are made of fabric that easily catches fire.
The issue of banning shisha tobacco smoking in public places has been raised by several organisations in the emirate over the last couple of years, following complaints by residents close to them.

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