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We offer you highest quality hookahs and shisha tobacco by cheap price online. Each product of our hookah collection is made with highest standards and is completely authentic. Our hookahs come in different shape, sizes and materials from all around the world. All of our hand-made hookahs and elaborately decorated hookahs are custom made.

Khalil Mamoon Hookahs

Khalil Mamoon is the most notable hookah manufacturer in Egypt and is becoming very well known for their quality production of hookahs here in the U.S.

North Smoke Hookahs

The North Smoke Hookah Collection is a new generation of premium quality hookahs that are thoroughly inspected during the manufacturing and assembly stages to ensure complete confidence and quality assurance, redefining the very principles of perfection never before seen within the industry.

Junior Hookahs

Argila sheesha tabaco

Junior hookah pipes are top quality hookahs. You get the best of everything in a hookah with a convenient size and design. Best way to start smoking shisha. Have you decide what's hookah is best for you?

Mya Hookah

Angel mini hookahs

This hookah is part of the small wonder collection it is 13" and 24 ". Small but very Stylish it has a carved thick colored glass base, a blue finish with a porcelain bowl, clip & matching hose. The entire hookah is portable and durable, strong & valuable. Great for indoor or outdoor parties.

Premium Hookahs

Premium hookahs

Premiums hookahs are kings of our collection. Each premium hookah is real a work of art! All hooka pipes are hand crafted, the most luxury hookahs you can find. With Premium hookahs, you'll smoke like royalty, and your imperial companions will always be impressed by your fine taste!

Acrylic Hookahs

Acrylic hookahs

The Acrylic Hookah Collection features a new type of Modern Hookah that appears similar to the Modern Hookahs that contain glass vases. Each of the Acrylic Hookahs that we offer contains a screw on style vase that is practically indestructible.

Bohemian Hookahs

Bohemian Glass hookahs

The Bohemian Hookah collection features a new type of Hookah model that contains a mixture of traditional and exotic attributes. The detail and level of perfection that these models incorporate have never before been experienced in the industry.

Exotic Hookahs

Exotic hookahs

The Exotic Hookah Collection features some of the most intricately decorated Hookahs on the market. These Hookahs are hand made by the same skilled craftsmen who have been making Hookah pipes for generations. The Exotic Hookah evokes an image of feminine beauty with its elegant and curvy profile.

Modern Hookahs

Modern hookahs

This is where you will find the Contemporary Edition of the Hookahs we provide. Modern Hookahs are usually found in trendy night clubs, or Hookah Lounges, where they mostly stand out, adding sophistication to any decor.

Sahara Smoke Hookahs

Sahara hookahs

Modern Sahara hookahs have an unique design and attractive forms.

Rotating Hookahs

Rotating hookah

Rotating hookahs makes group smoking in bars or parties. Pass the hose to your smoking buddies and avoid messy hose tangles and looping. Each one of our Rotating hookahs is completely authentic and crafted to the highest standards.

Guru Hookahs

Rotating hookah

One of the new hookah producers present a new line of hooka pipes.

Hookah world news
Hooked on hookah
But Arab culture took only so much of a root in Ukraine during Soviet times and it's taken a post-Soviet combination of luxury time, money and interest to see the rise (albeit a still small one) of Arabic hookah smoking culture in Kyiv. But that only means it's safe to say that the hookah pipe smoking are on the rise.
The hookah pipe is the traditional oriental tobacco pipe containing a long tube for passing through water and cooling the smoke. Often made from wood, the hookah can be highly stylized or decorated, and is often outfitted with multiple hoses hookah for communal smoking. It is also known as a narghile.
In truth, once you've tried smoking a hookah, you'll realize there's no substitute. There's the quietly bubbling water, the aroma and the chance to share the experience with friends. All you need to smoke a hookah pipe is time.
Ready to try? There are no specialized hookah lounges in Kyiv, but there are a couple of clubs and restaurants which offer hookahs and a range of tobaccos from which to choose.

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