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AK 47, Beretta hookahs.

Ever imagine smoking out of a AK-47 or Beretta shaped Hookah?

The Legendary AK 47 Hookah

AK 47 Hookah

If you ever wanted a Hookah that looks like an AK47, now is your chance. The AK47 Hookah boasts a modern style vase that complements its very unique stem and offers a great smoking experience for all.

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The Pistol hookah

Blue hand made ceramic hookah

The Pistol Hookah boasts a military style vase that complements its very unique stem and offers a great smoking experience for all.

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The Dragon Lair 13" Hookah

Lili handmade hookah pipe

This Amazing artistic hookah is very attractive souvenir for every hookah smoker.

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The Gargoyle 16" Hookah

Custom ceramic hookahs

This Hookah may be used for both decorative and smoking pleasures.

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The Soul Catcher 11" Narguile

Blue hand made ceramic hookah

This Mystique hookah has a gothic design.

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Hookah bars on Steinway burned by city crackdown

Lalib Silima, owner of the Egyptian hookah Cafe on Steinway Street in Astoria, puffs on a hookah pipe called a sisha. The city recently issued him a summons for violating the year-old hookah smoking ban.
Emad Alali lives across the world from his native Sudan but just a few blocks from a cluster of hookah bars along Steinway Street that remind him of home. Relaxing with friends while smoking a shisha, a giant hookah water pipe filled with fruit-flavored tobacco (shisha), is a Middle Eastern and African custom, he said.
City health officials have taken steps recently to snuff out hookah smoking at more than a half dozen shisha cafe's in Little Egypt in Astoria, a move that disturbs regular patrons like Alali, cafe' owners and at least two local legislators.
The New York Health Department has issued summonses to several of the bars in recent months for violating the city's stringent, year-old smoking laws, according to City Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. (D-Astoria) and state Assemblyman Michael Gianaris (D-Astoria).
The legislators sent a joint letter last week to the city health commissioner, arguing that the cafe's are similar to cigar bars and should be exempt from the smoking laws.

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