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Smoking habits in the Arab world are changing. Although cigarettes are still in demand, they are less fashionable than in the past. Instead, during the past 10 years, there has been a proliferation in the number of smoking cafes serving the hubbly bubbly. This habit, which originated in Turkey many centuries ago, used to be the province of older and retired men who inhabited bazaar cafes but this image has now changed and narkeela is enjoyed by younger men and increasingly by women. Even some university cafes serve hubbly bubbly.

The 20" Cleopatra 2 Hose Hookah

2 hose hooka

If you are looking for a 2 hose hookah with a fair price, the 20'' 2 Hose Cleopatra Hookah is the one for you!
Available in Green and Blue colors.

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The 20" Cleopatra Hookah

Cleopatra hookah pipe

The 20'' Cleopatra Hookah is a good start hookah it's simple & nice. Comes with a special decorative chains on top!

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The 16'' Clear Crystal Hookah

Crystal hookah pipe

This hookah comes with a beautiful modern design. It has a square crystal shaft and a matching glass base with oriental decorations.

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The 22" Double Hose Hookah

Double hose hookah

This beautiful, hand-crafted and classic Egyptian hookah offers exquisite Egyptian design with touches of marble, and stands at a magnificent 22" on a stunning glass base.

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Junior 22" Golden Egyptian Hookah

Junior Egyptian hookah

This beautiful, hand-crafted hookah offers exquisite Egyptian design stands at an elegant 22 inches tall upon a stunning glass base.

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The Luxor 22" With 3 Hose

Luxor hookah with 3 hoses

The 3 Hose Hookah is a masterpiece - plain and simple.

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The 22" Luxor Egyptian Hookah

Luxor hookah pipe

An amazing 22" crystal hookah in a copper color and a beautiful red vase with flower decoration.

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Hooka world
Hookah hangout / Entrepreneur brings smoking tradition to town

The elegant hookah glints silver in the afternoon sun, incongruous against the SUVs that pass on Cedar Street and the tourists in sandals and shorts.
But Kash Johal is hoping the sight of the water pipe, with its velvet covered hoses that look like Medusaís hair, will soon become as familiar here as it is in the Middle East and Asian subcontinent.
He is the first restaurateur in the county to open a hookah bar as part of his new Santa Cruz cafe, and already the idea seems to be catching on.
On a recent warm night, customers packed Johalís oak-floored hookah cafe and patio, taking puffs of fruit-flavored shisha tobacco from hookahs, watching a belly dancer slip through the crowd, eating rich Indian curries. . .
He says there is very little second-hand smoke from a hookah and enthusiasts claim hookah-smoked tobacco has fewer of the chemicals found in cigarettes.
A spokesman for the Centers for Disease Control could find no studies done on hookah smoking.

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