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How to light your hookah coals?

If you have instant quick lighting coals, you can light them easily with a lighter or match. For other hookah coals you should have a stove or a torch. Wait for the coals to become red hot all over before placing them on top of your clay bowl. Break the coals up into separate pieces and evenly distribute them on your head. Do not add too many coals as your smoke will become harsh. 2-3 small hookah coals is enough for smoking session usually.

Quick Light Coals
Quick light coals

Quick Light Charcoals are the most popular Hookah Charcoal between new hookah smokers. You can light these coals fast and quickly. If you want to start a quick and quality hookah smoking session, Quick Light Hookah Coals are exactly what you need.

Natural Coals
Natural lemon tree charcoal

Natural Coals are the best hookah charcoals to use if you want to get the best smoking hookah experience. They don't have any additional chemicals and tasteless. Thes coals used by the most experienced hookah smokers.

Torch Lighters for Charcoals
Torch Lighters

If you have troubles with burning charcoals, we have a solution for you. Torch Lighters are perfect when attempting to ignite quicklighting style charcoals.

Can you smoke a hookah with regular grilling charcoal?

Using bbq charcoals is incredibly dangerous! You also have to consider that a lot of the modern Briquettes have chemicals that assist in both ignition and heat. These chemicals produce a lot of carbon monoxide (smoking anything will cause you to inhale some carbon monoxide.) The woods used here for that stuff is usually made from mesquite, hickory or oak. They may have higher levels of toxins than the ones made from lemonwood charcoal or olive wood like you find marketed for hookah. Quicklights are cheap and are sold in most smoke shops, tobacco parlors, whatever you call a store that only sells smoking related things.

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