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Welcome to Our Hookah and Shisha online shop

The Discount Package

Hooka package shisho tobacco pack

Everything you need to get hooked on a hookah. As a gift for someone else or for your own personal enjoyment, our discount Package does the trick.

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$82.00 only $69.70

The New Beginner package

Hooka package shisha

Everything you need to get started. As a gift for someone else or for your own personal enjoyment its the only package that include a high quality 19 inch Syrian hookah With a magnificent blue or green glass base decorated with Arabic metal design a colored Syrian hose And a double clay bowl.

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only $87.50

The Great Outdoor Package

Outdoor hookah package

This Package offers you mobility to take your hookah smoking experience everywhere you go. its the only package that include a high quality 24 inch hookah With a magnificent Syrian hose a double clay bowl and a hookah bag.

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only $92.50

Rotating Hookah Package

Rotatin hookahs

If you enjoy lots of company while puffing on the hose of your favorite hookah, then the Rotating Hookah Package is for you. It's everything you need to get rolling, with the added comfort of a tangle-free, smooth sailing, rotating hookah.

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only $109.00

Premium Package

Premium package

Welcome to the pinnacle of all hookah packages.

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only $129.95

The 2.0 Hookah Package

2.0 Hookah Package

Welcome to 2.0 Hookah Age. This package comes with everything you need to get started right away with high quality accessories for new level of smoking experience.

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only $129.95

The Fiesta Package

Fiesta packages

The Fiesta package is the ultimate package for a little party or smokers that love to smoke with their friends. its the only package that include a high quality 26 inch Syrian hookah with a double hose option a variety of shisha And a double clay bowl.

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only $97.50

The Modern 6 Pack Package

6 tobacco flavors in this package!

This hookah package contains everything you need to begin a smoking session. A beautiful modern hookah and a mega choice of 6 tobacco flavor.

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only $82.50

The Triple Hose Package

Triple Hose Package

Enjoy triple hose package with all of your frineds. This package includes all accessories for hookah smoking party.

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only $82.50

The Clay Bowls Package

Hookah clay bowls package

The package that all hookah lovers need for enjoyable smoking. It comes with 4 packs of tobacco !!!!

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only $37.95

Accessory Pack

Accesories package hookah tobacco shisha

If you are not sure where to begin picking accessories or how much you need, let our accessory pack solve your problem.

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only $49.95

Hookah world news

Holy Hogtown a hookah hotspot? Club scene samples charms of water pipe
The hookah, a sweet-tobacco water pipe you can share with friends or imbibe alone, blows onto the Toronto night scene tomorrow, when the Tanja Lounge opens its doors.
"I just wanted to try something new," said club impresario Charles Khabouth, explaining the motivation for his new venture. When he returned to his native Lebanon last summer, he noticed that water pipes -- alternatively known as shisha, nejilla, arkila and bong -- had come into vogue with young women who were now freely smoking them in cafe's.

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