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The Blue Flower Hookah

Hookah for sale

This beautiful one of a kind modern hookah offers a 28 Inches tall of the latest modern design you can find on the market today.

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The 28" Spider Design Hookah With Giant Clay Bowl

Spider design hookah

This magnificent, hand-crafted hookah offers Special Wooden cover design and stands at an elegant 28-inches tall. One of our finest hookah from our Syrian hookahs collection.

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The 24" Egyptian Sun Hookah

Cheap Hookah For Sale

A great Egyptian hookah, the sun in the desert! Rises to a 24" of magic, comes with a special acrylic vase.

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The Discount Package

Hooka package shisho tobacco pack

Everything you need to get hooked on a hookah. As a gift for someone else or for your own personal enjoyment, our discount Package does the trick.

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The 18'' Golden Orange Hookah

Golden style hookah pipe

This 18" hookah has a special classic Arab design. It has a unique hookah vase that leans on a golden backing leg which adds to it's special authentic look.

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The 26" Triple Diamond Hookah

Diamond chicha pipe

This modern hookah is a medium size hookah. It is 26" long and the shaft is decorated with three blue diamond crystals.

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Classic 32" Egyptian Hookah With Wind Cover

Egyptian hookah with wind cover

Hand-made classic style Egyptian hookah offers exquisite Egyptian design and stands at a superb 32 inches on a glass base. One of the best hookahs in our Egyptian hookah collection.

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The Super 175gr Nakhla shisha Package

shisha package

This is an excellent choice of 175gr Nakhla tobacco at a great price.

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The Saet Safa Shisha Package

Saet Safa Shisha

Saet Safa Tobacco which is made in Jordan is among the highest quality shisha tobaccos in the world.

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The Abed Elkader Shisha Package

Shisha discount pack

With this package you'll get 3 boxes of 160gr shisha by discount price!

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3 Rolls Of Nakhla Charcoal

3 roll crows

The crow charcoals will last approx 50 minutes. They burn to the perfect temperature and won't leave any taste in your smoke.

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Ceramic Clay Bowl

Clay bowl

Everybody needs an extra clay bowl!

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The Simple Egyptian Hose. Buy 2 for the price of 1!

Simple hookah hoses

These standard Egyptian hoses are a great replacement hoses. For only $4.25 you can have 2 replacement hoses for each tobacco flavor that you smoke.

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Syrian Hose 74"

Hooka hose

The Syrian Hose offers you elegance of Syrian design that's sure to make you and all of your hookah companions feel like Kings and Queens.

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The Cobra Hose

Cobra hookah hose

The cobra hose is the best egyptian hookah hose.

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The Crystal Sheikh Hose

Sheikh hoses

This unique design hoses will make your Hookah look more stylish and decorative.

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Syrian Tiger Hose 74"

Tiger hookah hose

The Syrian Hose offers you the elegance of Syrian design that's sure to make you and all of your companions feel like royalty.

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The Alsami Hookah Hose

Alsami hookah hose

Alsami hoses are the most exclusive Syrian hookah hoses that you can find in the market today they are the magnum- 44 of the hookah hoses

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Cheap Hookah Pipes For Sale!

We have some of special hookah pipes from our best seller section at the most competitive prices online.
We offer you a variety of special Hookah Pipes at amazing discount prices.

The 25" Bloody Mary Hookah Shisha Pipe

Bloody Mary chicha pipe

This 25" Hookah starts with a red crafted glass base the neck has a transitioning diamond design starting with a solid bottom and going up to a checkered pattern.

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The 25'' Neptune Hookah

Neptune hooka

This 25" model has a cool blue, glass base. The neck begins with a clean spherical orb and continues through an engraved nickel neck one of the most attractive model from our hookah pipes collection.

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The 30'' Black Dragon Hooka Pipe

30 black dragon hookah

This 30" hookah starts with a silver metal base that leads up to a spectacular ornamental nec one of the most attractive model from our hookah pipes collection.

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The 31'' Silver Diamond Hookah

Silver Diamond hookah pipe

This 31" hookah comes with a bright silver metal base, this hookah features 3 hoses!

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The 31'' Silver Yeti Hookah

Yeti nargila tobacco pipe

The 31 inch hookah starts with a modern glass base that leads up to an artistically engraved neck piece.

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