Information about Hookah smoking.

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Narghile, Hookah, Kalyan smoking tips

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The Water Pipe (sheesha) consists of four parts, the bottom part is made of glass where the water is contained. This part is connected to a brass (sometimes stainless steel) figure top which is the "the heart " of the sheesha, this part, the regulator, takes the smoke from the tobacco when the person inhales from the "lai" (the flexible tube which end by mouthpiece). The whole apparatus, made of a variety of materials, which might be glass, brass, gold, silver, wood or cane, is richly decorated.

How to setup a hookah?

  • Fill the glass base of the narghile with water. Make sure you don't fill too much. You should fill enough to approximately cover the tube from the top section by about an inch when it is placed over the base.
  • Place the heart (top part) over the base (the glass vase). Make sure it fits snugly and is airtight. You may have to add gauze on the inside of the top section.
  • Attach the mouthpiece to the top section, again making sure that the joint is airtight.
  • Test that your setup is airtight by placing your hand on top of the hookah and then sucking in through the mouth piece.
    If everything is okay, you should feel a pull at your hand and see bubbles in the water.
    If either of these two things don't happen, then in all likelihood, you have air escaping from somewhere. Carefully check to find the source.
  • If your setup is airtight, place some of the tobacco (Shisha, Sheesha) on top of the water pipe (haggar). If you smoke a flavored hookah tabaco it is recommended to cover the tobacco by aluminum foil and pierced several times.
  • Go outside and light your charcoal, you can get the self-lighting charcoal (especially made for hookahs, no gas add).
  • When lit bring the charcoal inside, holding it with a pair of tongs and place it on top of the tobacco.
  • Gently pressing down on the charcoal, suck in using the mouthpiece. You should notice smoke building up inside the base and eventually (after about 3-4 puffs); you should feel the taste of the tobacco in your mouth.
  • Rules of smoking sheesha tobacco

  • Never light your cigarettes by using burning coal of the kalyan.
  • The hookah should never be placed higher than the level of your seat.
  • Never pass the waterpipe directly to another person. Always first put it down and let the next person pick it up.

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