Tangiers Shisha tobacco flavours. Hookah tobacco.

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Buy Tangiers shisha tobacco. All flavors.

Tangiers F-Line Shisha Tobacco

Tangiers Lucid shisha

Tangiers shisha offers most quality and tasty shisha flavors for hookah fans. Made in the U.S.A.

Tangiers Noir Sheesha
Tangiers Regular

Tangiers shisha is real a premium strong-flavored Shisha Tobacco.

Tangiers Al-Birquq hookah tobacco

USA made hookah tobacco. New line.

Tangiers shisha is a brend new USA made hookah tobacco. This long cut sheesha is made from perfect natural USA grown tobacco leaves that are not processed in any way, resulting in a very authentic smoke quality.
Tangiers "Lucid" is a "light" Tangiers that is made with washed tobacco and is less potent than the regular flavors.
Note: Tangiers Hookah Tobacco requires some conditioning and special treatment before smoking so be sure to read the information sheet that accompanies it.
Tangiers flavors: Blue Gum ball, Bramble berry, cactus fruit tangier, classic raspberry, Lucid horchata, kashmir-cherry tangiers, static starlight tangiers, etc.

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